ONGC to invest Rs.83,000 crore to boost oil

    The Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) is to invest around Rs.83,000 crore in 25 major projects to boost oil and gas production has stagnated in 2018. The cumulative oil and gas gain from these projects is expected to be over 180 million tonne of oil and oil equivalent gas over 32 Billion Cubic Meters (BCM) by financial year 2024.

ONGC's production:

    ONGC already logged a net profit of Rs.26,716 crore an increase of 34% over in  2017-18. The MRPL achieved the highest ever throughput of 16.43 MT with a utilisation of 109.5%.
ONGC had launched a nation-wide Solar Chulha Challenge with 86 Solar PV cooking stoves were installed at Bacha and Jamthi in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh.
In FY19 the ONGC spent about Rs.615 Crore on CSR initiatives with a focus on national campaigns of the government like Swachh Bharat, education, health and nutrition among others. The company has earned its highest revenue of Rs.1,09,655 crore in FY19 as an increase of 29% from 2018.

Fifty Six BSF Officials Conferred with Medals on 73rd Independence Day

      The Fifty Six Border Security Force (BSF)officials announced for conferring the  Police Medals on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day, 2019. The five of them would confer with Police Medal for Gallantry for Distinguished Service.
The operational planning, exemplary combat audacity, operational acumen and flawless conduct of the operation, the gallant Bordermen of 8 Battalion BSF Sh. Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Asstt Commandant, Sh. Sushil Singh, Asstt Commandant, HC Vinay Krishali and CT Sanjoy Pal awarded Police Medal for Gallantry.
These 4 Bordermen were instrumental in neutralizing a dreaded naxal commander in an operation launched in the night intervening 14/15 Dec 2017 in the general area of Bandhi Gude District – Malkangiri, Orissa.

President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service - 05

1.  Sh. Om Prakash Tripathi, DIG, FHQ, BSF
2.  Sh. Ashok Kumar Yadav, DIG, Ftr HQ, BSF TRA
3.  Sh. Rabindra Pal Singh Malik , DIG Ftr HQ, BSF TRA
4.  Sh. Balbir Singh Sandhu, 2IC (Work), FHQ, BSF
5.  Sh. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, 165 BN BSF

Police Medal for Meritorious Service - 46

1.      Sh. Sandeep Rawat, Commandant, STC BSF Chakur
2.      Sh. Rajesh Kumar Kanwar, Commandant, SHQ BSF Bhilai
3.      Sh. Ramesh Kumar Sharma, Commandant, Ftr HQ, Jammu
4.      Sh. Suman Florence Trikey, Commandant, Command HQ SPL OPS
5.      Sh. C H Sethuram, Commandant, 162 Bn, BSF
6.      Sh. Sudhindra Kumar Singh, Commandant, BIDR BSF T/PUR
7.      Sh. Manish Aul, Commandant, SHQ BSF, SHILLONG
8.      Sh. Sukhminderhit Singh Mand, Commandant, 56 Bn, BSF
9.      Sh. Raja Paul, Commandant, DIG(HQ) FHQ
10.    Sh. S. Shiva Murthy, Commandant, Ftr HQ Odisha
11.    Sh Surinder Singh Rana, LO GDE-I Commandant, SDG(WC)BSF     CHG
12.    Sh. Dalbir Singh, 2nd-in-Command, 55 Bn BSF
13.    Yash Pal, 2nd-in-Command, Ftr HQ, Jammu
14.    Sh. Madan Mohan Kandpal, Deputy- Commandant, 3 Bn BSF
15.    Sh. Madan Singh, Deputy- Commandant (Sports), Ftr HQ,   Rajasthan
16.    Sh. Anurag Kumar Azad, Deputy- Commandant, 1 Bn BSF
17.    Sh. Surinder Singh, Deputy- Commandant, 62 Bn BSF
18.    Sh Jagdeep Kumar, Deputy- Commandant, DIG(HQ) FHQ
19.    Sh. Kunj Bihari Prasad, Deputy- Commandant, Ftr HQ, M&C
20.    Sh. Rameshwar Lal Bishnoi, Deputy- Commandant, 161 Bn BSF
21.    Sh. Lakhwinder Singh Brar, Deputy- Commandant, 91 Bn BSF
22.    Sh. Puran Lal Meena, Deputy- Commandant, 78 Bn BSF
23.    Sh. TriyugiNathMaurya, Asstt- Commandant, 51 Bn BSF
24.    Sh. Murari Lal Meena, Asstt- Commandant, 151 Bn BSF
25.    Sh. Jacob Koshy, Asstt- Commandant, 3 Bn BSF
26.    Sh. Suresh Kumar, Asstt- Commandant, SHQ BSF, JAMMU
27.    Sh. V Nagarajan, Asstt- Commandant (Min), STC BSF, Indore.
28.    Sh. Hari Krishan, Inspector(GD), CSWT Indore
29.    Sh. Kailash Babu, Inspector (G), 65 Bn BSF
30.    Sh. Ajeet Singh Shekhawat, Inspector (G), 78 Bn BSF
31.    Sh. Surender Singh, Inspector (GD), STC BSF, K/Camp
32.    Sh. Sumer Singh, Sub-Inspector(GD), 133 Bn BSF
33.    Sh. Jawahar Yadav, Inspector(GD), 115 Bn BSF
34.    Sh. Pushparajan R, Inspector(GD), STC BSF, Baikunthpur
35.    Sh. Ashok Kumar, Inspector(GD), 38 Bn BSF
36.    Sh. Rajbir Singh Tomar, Inspector(GD), 151 Bn BSF
37.    Sh. HekisheSema, Inspector(GD), 111 Bn BSF
38.    Sh. Mohan Kumar A M Inspector(COMM), 179 Bn BSF
39.    Sh. Dalbir Singh, Inspector(RO), STS-I Tigari BSF
40.    Sh. Hayat Singh Pundhir, Sub-Inspector(GD), 96 Bn BSF
41.    Sh. Ashok Kumar, Sub-Inspector(GD), 100 Bn BSF
42.    Sh. Nikhil Chandra Sharma, Sub-Inspector(GD), 179 Bn BSF
43.    B Chandra Sekhara Raju, Sub-Inspector(GD), 10 Bn BSF
44.    Sh. Sarjeet Singh, Sub-Inspector(GD), DIG (HQ) FHQ 
45.    Sh. Paras Ram, Sub-Inspector(GD), 170 Bn BSF
46.    Sh. Kishan Lal, Constable(Tailor), STC BSF, Indore.